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Portraits of Grief Outlines

A vital element are the over 600 contour line drawings needed to complete the sculpture. These are drawings that will denote the character of people lost in the 9-11 attack. These are people we've read about every day in the NY Times Portraits of Grief: janitors, waiters, administrative assistants, CEOs, accountants, anyone lost to us. I will then take the line drawings and transfer them into 1/2in steel rod outlines. These will then become an integral part of the sculpture. 

Drawings must be submitted on a 8-1/2x11 white sheet of paper

Send your outline to:

9-11 Sculpture Project, Ltd.
PO Box 9851
Greensboro, NC 27429

Please include your name, address, phone, email, and social security number on the back of the paper. Only original pieces of work will be considered. No faxes, photos or emails. All entries will become property of 9-11 Sculpture Project, Ltd and its archives. Final decision of acceptance will be made by Jim Gallucci Sculpture and is final. An honorarium of $25.00 will be paid for each contour drawing accepted for the project. Drawings will not be returned. Those not accepted for the project will become part of the 9-11 Sculpture Project, Ltd. archives. Notifications of acceptance will be by check. 

Many artists have communicated a need for expression concerning the 9/11 event. Join us in the collaboration of this phenomenal sculpture. Your input is vitally important to the uniqueness of this work of art. It is a time to act. We look forward to your outlines.

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