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The 9-11 Sculpture Project is a project about not ever forgetting.  Not forgetting the souls lost and the good that came from evil. 

Our goal is to honor the ones taken from us in a unique and everlasting way. We plan on constructing a 50-ton 53 foot high sculpture with steel taken from the World Trade Center. Attached to this will be artwork and epitaphs produced by artists and contributors from all across America

When completed it will be unveiled on the one year anniversary of 9-11-2001.  After a brief stay in New York City it will be taken to cities all across America to allow all to view and remember the day that changed America.

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On Tour

Le Moyne College

The Sculpture is now on tour at Le Moyne  College where Jim Gullucci is an alumni.  The sculpture will stay on site until the end of November 2003.

Day of Remembrance 

On the year anniversary of Sept. 11, hundreds of people came to Jim Gallucci's studio in Greensboro, NC to remember those who died in the terrorist attacks and to view the completed first phase of the sculpture. Mayor Keith Holladay, Greensboro firemen, policemen and visitors from as far away as Germany attended the "Day of Remembrance", during which they had the opportunity to touch the gate, create Pages of Expression and donate money to the project. The day affected countless individuals, many of who expressed how moved they were by the experience. 

  Pages of Expressions   Portraits of Grief Outlines   Contributions
  The "Pages of Expression" are vital elements of the 9-11 Sculpture Project. These are 8x12 bronze metal "pages" with individual thoughts, comments, prayers or poems created by the general public. It is a heartfelt way for anyone to participate in this national project.  [more...]   Over 600 contour line drawings needed to complete the sculpture. These are drawings that will denote the character of people lost in the 9-11 attack. These are people we've read about every day in the NY Times Portraits of Grief: janitors, waiters, administrative assistants, CEOs, accountants, anyone lost to us.  [more...]   This is a massive project that will take thousands of man hours and involve hundreds of people.  Won't you consider helping us toward our goal of $1,000,000.  Your donations are tax deductible, and any amount will be appreciated.. [more...]
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